At Godfrey Media Group, we do our best to tailor our services to individual clients. With that in mind, we do like to provide some examples of what our services might look like at particular price points.

Basic Service – One to two posts a day on one or two social media accounts (generally Facebook and Instagram or Twitter) helps the presence of a business or organization to grow more quickly. At this level, we help customers look for ways to generate authentic content that will resonate with followers as well as fill any content gaps with other shareable media.

This service is priced at $500/mo. 

Standard Service – If you are ready to go to the next level and really begin to bring in customers from your social media accounts, then two to three posts a day across several social media networks is a must. GMG will help you build content production plans, create and source content as well as plan advertising strategies to get the word out and bring business in.

This level is recommended for a business or organization with existing accounts that wants to expand on its current efforts to increase revenue. Additional expenditures on advertising are recommended and we will work with you to determine a budget and focus for advertising.

This service is priced at $1000/mo.