At Godfrey Media Group, we do our best to meet your needs in the digital space, no matter what they are. We approach every customer with a can-do attitude and let your imagination set the limits, offering to explore any avenue you may be interested in for your business. However, we do have a list of specific services that are commonly requested.

Social Media Management – From standing up your online presence to building a following and growing influence, GMG can build and leverage online assets to help you convert your audience into customers. (Price Varies) (Click here for more information)


Review Management – We can reach out directly to your customers and encourage those who had a positive experience with you to leave a review – and we’ll do so in a way that is very convenient for them!

Also, we can train your sales staff to be able to use our convenient interface to ask their customers for reviews and secure those reviews in a simple and fast way. It’s never too late to get started stockpiling good reviews! ($150/mo)


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) – The key to getting your website ranked higher in search listings on sites such as Google, Yahoo and Bing is to improve your SEO. This involves several factors and we offer in-house services as well as services from our partners to help your site perform as well as possible in search listings. ($1,000/mo and up)


Digital Advertising – From Google Adwords to Craigslist, GMG can engineer and manage campaigns to put your organization at the head of the digital marketing race. Whether your target is a local or global audience, we have solutions for you. ($750/mo + ad spend)


Advertising Design – Whether you need website graphics or ready-made Facebook ads, our graphic design staff can assure that your brand is perfectly portrayed in the virtual sphere. ($95/hr)


Logo Design – Looking for just the right face for your company? GMG utilizes in-house as well as partner resources to get you the best possible logo for your organization. ($800)


Website Design – GMG partners with industry leaders to provide clients with world-class web design and site maintenance. We can have you up and running online in no time with a site that will be comparable to projects that can be prohibitively time-consuming and expensive. (Pricing varies according to project scope.)


Video Editing – Have raw footage your want edited into presentable clips? We can transform anything from footage of presentations to home movies into digital-ready clips you can use anywhere! ($60/hr and up, depending on length of final production)


Package Deals – Often, if you are purchasing more than one service, we can discount the price of those services as much as 40%. Be sure to ask about bundling our services to get more bang for your buck!



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