At GMG, we feel that it is important for clients to know who they are working with. Below are listed all of the associates of the group, in order by seniority. (Pictures and details may be forthcoming.)

Trevor Godfrey – Founder & Social Media Consultantme

Trevor spent time in the U.S. Navy before finishing a degree in Journalism and Mass Communications at Arizona State University’s Walter Cronkite School of Journalism. Trevor founded Godfrey Media Group with the intention of becoming a provider of social media and digital marketing services for small businesses in the Phoenix Valley.

“The driving force behind this enterprise is the desire to provide essential services at affordable rates. Non-essential services with prohibitively expensive price tags have kept small business owners out of the digital advertising game for too long. We are here to change that.” -Trevor

Morgan Godfrey – Graphic Designer

With a degree in 3D animation and a background in drafting and design, Morgan tackles the technical aspects of GMG’s graphic design.