Hi, my name is Trevor Godfrey. Thanks for visiting the site! I’d like to give you a short pitch on why you should let me manage your social media marketing strategy.

If you run a small business then you know that every decision you make equals money in or money out. You know it is extremely important to ensure that your marketing choices are the best you can make for your enterprise.

I understand these principles and apply them to my marketing strategy as well. I understand that you are looking to stretch your dollars and get the most exposure for every bit of funding you put towards advertising. I keep that in mind and look for ways to accomplish that goal for you.

I’ve worked as a full-time social media coordinator for a small business. I’ve fielded dozens of calls from marketing agencies who wanted to take hundreds, even thousands, of dollars from my company to simply buy ads, fish for reviews or even just set up a small site with my company’s contact info – like that was going to make a difference!

And it might have, but what really made a difference was sitting down with the owner on a regular basis, discussing strategies and making plans to try new things that could bring in new customers and help the business grow.

So, when I set out to do social media marketing on my own, I thought: “Why not take that same approach? Rather than trying to get companies to pay for a cookie-cutter service, why not personalize that service to fit their individual needs?”

Sure, it’s not easier for me. It’s not even easier for you. But it is worth it. Knowing that your social media is being run according to a tailored plan that you control and can change at will means that you are in charge of where your advertising money goes and how it is used.

And that is how we work at Godfrey Media Group.

For a more formal introduction to me, be sure to check out my LinkedIn profile!

If this seems like an approach you haven’t seen before, perhaps something that could work for you, then please contact me and let’s make time to talk about your business and your social media marketing strategy.


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Thanks for reading!

Trevor Godfrey

Social Media Consultant

Godfrey Media Group