Can social media help your business?

Can social media help your business?

There are a lot of options for advertising a business, from newspaper ads to trade shows, but one of the most popular options, as of late, is to reach out to customers, individuals and businesses alike, through social media. This is an excellent technique due to the sheer number of people connected, in some way, with one or more of the popular networks.

With a staggering 1.59 billion (yes, billion) users, an effective Facebook marketing strategy can actively reach out to a measurable percentage of the global population. Other networks like Instagram (400M users) are not far behind, growing by leaps and bounds on a daily basis.

The key to success in this sphere is in knowing how to effectively single out potential customers. Building a loyal following of fans and interested consumers is paramount to ensuring that business flow is steady. This is true in any marketing strategy but exceptionally doable in the world of social media.

Imagine, every morning, your customers wake up and (very nearly) the first thing they do is pick up their smart phones and scan their social media, where, if they follow you, they are likely to see your latest post. Social media users are quite literally going out of their way to bombard themselves with your advertising. Put simply, all you need to do is attract them to your profiles and then post captivating content they will want to see more of.

In the right hands, your social media marketing strategy can effortlessly keep your brand at the front of your customers’ minds. But it’s more than just buying a few ads and fishing for reviews. Building a follower base and producing consistently engaging content is a promise many marketing companies offer yet few deliver.

Be sure that, when you engage with a social media marketing firm, you ask particular questions such as, “How will your services increase my social reach?” and “How are your strategies effective for translating followers to paying customers?” These are the questions that will ensure you are dealing with someone who truly understands how social media works and has experience engaging followers to make sales.

In the end, a good social media strategy will become a revenue stream of its own, generating customers and sales on a daily basis. The task of executing such a strategy is not fast, easy or entirely effortless. However, it is worthwhile.

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Trevor Godfrey

Social Media Consultant